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Fireworks Displays with a Professional Touch

Traditional Displays

Traditional displays include a wide variety of aerial shells, including specialty pattern aerial shells, as well as candles, comets, mines, whistles, reports, and multi-effect barrage items. All fireworks are hand-selected for visual impact and effect. The grand finale of every Traditional display is created to "paint the sky" with a kaleidoscope of color and noise.


Enhanced Traditional Display

Enhanced Traditional displays feature a wide variety of fireworks seen in our Traditional displays, combined with choreography to create an ever-changing visual flow of sight and sound. These displays contain an opening segment, designer segments, and a grand finale. In addition to increased safety, these displays allow for precise timing, multi-effect firing, and varied pace throughout the display. If desired, we layer and spread the display wider across the sky for added beauty and interest.

"The quality of your show is excellent! You address any of our ideas right away - that is very much appreciated. We want to continue this business relationship!" 

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