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Pyrotechnic Display Inc. provides outstanding, high quality fireworks entertainment for corporate, municipal, public, private, and sporting events throughout the United States. Our services include "Traditional" outdoor fireworks displays, multi-media digital "Pyro-Musical" productions, and "Proximate" displays. Each Pyrotechnic Display Inc. production contains a blend of high quality pyrotechnic product from factories and distributors around the world. We continually search for the highest quality, brightest colors and special effects to amaze you and your audience.

As you work with our knowledgeable, veteran staff, it will become apparent that Pyrotechnic Display Inc. is safety conscious, reliable, and customer driven. Our display sales and design staff provides a no obligation consultation to discuss the type of services desired, review your venue, and explore the pyrotechnic possibilites that can be incorporated into your event.

Prior to each display, we conduct a thorough site evaluation and discuss important details specific to your event. Afterward, we custom design your display to meet your desires and the NFPA 1123, or NFPA 1126 guidelines. Our office staff coordinates with local safety officials to obtain permits, insurance, and other necessary documentaion in a timely manner. We take extra steps necessary to ensure all legal compliance requirements are met.


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